Your Current Volunteers


The Guild is entirely made up of volunteers and for it to be successful we need your involvement. Volunteer positions are 1-year term, and if you are unable to fulfill your duties at a meeting, ask a friend to step in for you!! It is a great way to meet new friends and to help us make the Guild an enjoyable event. Please feel free to speak with any guild member currently holding a volunteer position.  If you are interested in helping to shape the Langley Quilters' Guild then please consider putting your name forward for one of the many volunteer positions.

A current list of Guild volunteers can be found PDF/2017-18 - Executive & Volunteers List - 05JUL17.pdfhere.

A Volunteers Expenditure Sheet, can be found here.



1. Maintains and updates, monthly, the membership list and the Master List of Members since Guild inception, in spreadsheet format, (Excel or other Open Source program).
2. Distributes, monthly, the complete membership lists to the Executive and Volunteers, sorting the data to suit various needs; distributes, monthly, an edited version (in accordance with PIPA [Personal Information Protection Act] instructions) to Members, all in PDF format. (2012-04-03)
3. Provides to the "Email Membership List” volunteer the spreadsheet in a suitable format.
4. Provides to the Phone Membership Committee, a list of those members who do not have email access, only when any updates are done.
5. Prints and distributes Guild name tags for all current Executive and Volunteers.
6. Keeps the Membership container stocked.
7. Revises and has printed new application forms and membership cards for the next Guild year in time for registration
8. Ensures the guidelines for PIPA are adhered to.
9. Retains, prepares, and date marks, in the last month of the current Guild year, all membership applications and membership list for a Two-year archival filing. After Two years they are destroyed.
10. Provides input to the Executive for budget planning.
11. Maintains all expenses within budgetary allowance.
12. Maintains and updates the Executive and Volunteers list, in spreadsheet format, and distributes the list, in PDF format, annually or as changes occur. (2012-04-03)
13. Maintains a digital archive of membership information at the end of the current year. (2012-04-03)



1. Sets up/takes down the membership table for each Chapter meeting. Materials are kept in the Membership Committee container in the Guild storage area.
2. Sits at the membership table at Chapter meetings and ensures members show a current membership card when signing in.
3. Signs up new members and ensures that they receive a “Welcome Package”, consisting of a welcoming letter and a current copy of the Constitution and Bylaws and Policies and Procedures.
4. Maintains a separate sign-in guest book for visitors that includes their name and telephone number, and provides a name badge for each guest.
5. Arranges for “Guest Greeter” for guests and/or new members for purposes of orientation.
6. Renews present Guild memberships starting in May, or at such time as the executive may decide.
7. Ensures that an application is completed for each Guild year by renewing members and by new Guild members.
8. Sells name tag holders, guild pins and note cards at a fee decided on by the Executive.
9. Draws the door prize at the Chapter meeting from the names of those members signed in and provides a list of the winners to the Secretary.
10. Completes a “meeting tally sheet” to record monies taken in to accompany money handed over to the Treasurer



1. Fulfills the duties of an absentee volunteer at the Chapter meeting as needed.
2. Assists volunteers with their duties when extra help is needed at the Chapter meeting.



1. Committee should consist of a minimum of Five people representing both Chapters from which a chair, secretary and treasurer are selected.
a) Meets regularly (at minimum every two months).
b) Sends a representative to each Guild Executive meeting.
c) Submits minutes or written report to President/Executive on a regular basis.
d) Monitors Committee finances.
e) Sends representation to the Gathering of the Guilds meetings and activities.
2. Continues to make contractual bookings, that meet the needs/interest of the majority of members, as indicated from surveys and member input, fulfilling the future Guild calendar. Submits schedule to Executive for approval and concurrence with other Guild events.
3. Maintains all expenses within budgetary allowances. Any anticipated expenditures exceeding this budget must have prior approval by the Guild Executive.
4. Makes bookings for locations.
5. Establishes a resource network from which a backup program can be drawn in the event of a late cancellation of scheduled event.
6. Ensures upcoming events are fully promoted, in a timely manner, through the use of samples, supply lists, and Guild publicity tools, such as newsletters, email, website and meetings.
7. Facilitates sign-ups, collects fees and forwards fees and expenses to Guild Treasurer.
8. Provides all standard/non-standard equipment required for a clean, hospitable and safe working environment for all bookings.
9. Introduces and provides support to the instructor and attends to payment of all fees.
10. Establishes workshop/between fees based on instructor fee, facility rental and minimum class size.
11. Assesses the feasibility of the bookings, including the opening of the workshop/betweens to non-members, and undertakes the cancellation if required.
12. Maintains a record of events through the use of photos, critiques and comment sheets, and forwards same to newsletter and website as appropriate.
13. Provides input to the Guild Executive for budget planning.



1. Liaises with non-profit groups within the community that the Guild has selected to benefit.
2. Responds to National and International requests for quilts with consent of the membership. (2012-04-03)
3. Collects community donation quilts from Guild members.
4. Keeps a record of the quilts made the numbers distributed and recipients, and submits to Guild Executive.
5. Organizes Guild activities to produce community donation quilts (e.g. by challenges or by organizing workshops).
6. Provides Guild label for quilts.
7. Makes available quilt construction requirements for the various groups.
8. Ensures that thank-you notes are forwarded to the appropriate parties and/or read at Chapter meetings.
9. Submits minutes or reports of any committee meetings to the President/Executive as required. (April 2010)


Events - Publicity (2013-09-18):

1. Co-ordinates participation in community events, such as the Arts Alive Festival and the Campbell Valley Country Celebration and others as they arise.

Publicity Committee (2013-09-18):

1. Ensures that Guild reports are sent regularly to the Canadian Quilter (CQA newsletter) and other publications.
2. Ensures that notice of Guild meetings is in the local newspapers each month.
3. Notifies local newspapers of special Guild activities and if possible arranges for coverage by a reporter and photographer.
4. Co-ordinates, updates and distributes promotional literature for the Guild.
5. Receives and displays promotional material from other Guilds and allied groups of interest to the members.
6. Liaises with the Langley Arts Council Representative



1. Purchases the necessary supplies & provides refreshments at Guild meetings.


1. Stores all archived Guild materials in Guild storage.
2. Keeps the archives up to date.


1. Provides use of own digital camera for picture taking at her/his Chapter meeting.
2. Photographs items brought in for show and tell at Guild meetings.
3. Maintains a digital library of all guild photos.
4. Forwards monthly show & tell photos to webmaster in the week following the meeting.
5. Takes photographs as requested by executive.


50/50 DRAW (Chapter):

1. Is responsible for selling tickets, collecting of funds; the collected amount will be split with half to the Guild and half to the winning ticket holder
2. In compliance with the BC Gaming Commissions’ Bylaws:
a) The President (or delegate), Vice-President (or delegate) and the 50/50 salesperson cannot buy tickets for the 50/50 Draw that they oversee.
b) The President (or delegate) and Vice-President (or delegate) MUST draw the winning ticket wearing short sleeves or sleeves pushed up when drawing.
c) Winner of the 50/50 draw MUST sign the ticket stubs.
d) Both tickets with the winning number must be retained in a designated 50/50 Record Keeping Book, which must include the winner’s name, address, contact # and $ amount of the win.



a) Should include but not limited to BOM (Block of the Month), Fat Quarter and Special Projects
b) Adheres to all current copyright laws, and when needed, receives permission for pattern use, maintaining a record of same.
c) Announces a theme, publicizes it, and forwards information to website, newsletter and emails in a timely manner.
1. Block of the Month (Chapter)
a) Accepts responsibility for selecting, constructing a sample block, and providing instructions for the block of the month, and if necessary dispersing the blocks amongst participants according to the guidelines that have been set up.
2. Fat Quarter (Chapter)
a) Accepts responsibility for the selection and collection of fat quarters and co-ordinates the draw.
Special Projects (Chapter)
a) Accepts responsibility for the selection, time frame and disbursement if required.


WEB MASTER (2012-04-03):

(a) Must adhere to all current copyright laws, and when needed, receive permission and give credit for pattern and/or article use, maintaining a record of same.
1. Maintains and updates the web site with up coming events within two weeks of the meeting.
2. Edits all photos received, especially the Show & Tell gallery, to web size and constructs new gallery monthly.
3. Converts guild forms and information to PDFs to be available to members.
4. Receives inquiries, comments and suggestions through the website email. Responds to general inquiries and/or forwards to appropriate people.
5. Moderates the blog if/and when required.
6. Ensures the domain name registration is current.
7. Maintains back-up of the website and blog data.


SIT 'N STITCH COMMITTEE (Chapter)(2012-04-03):

Committee shall consist of a representative from each Chapter
1. Drop-in every 2nd Wednesday of the month, except December, location and time to be decided by the Executive.
a) Visitors are welcome for a one time visit. (2012-04-03)
2. Shall have a Sign-in Sheet and emergency contact list
3. Liaises with facility Management as required.

SUNSHINE COMMITTEE (Chapter)(2013-07-17):

1. To send out cards to Guild members on behalf of the Guild, e.g. illness or suffers a loss
2. To report to members only the names of recipients.


NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE (Chapter) (April 2010):

(a) Must adhere to all current copyright laws, and when needed, receive permission and give credit for pattern and/or article use, maintaining a record of same.
Proposed: March 2009 / Accepted: June 2009 / 1st Newsletter: September 2009
The Purpose of the Newsletter Committee is to produce a timely and regular Newsletter which showcases the Guild activities and its volunteer members, in a format for email, website and hard-copy version as required.

The duties/objectives of this Committee are:
1. Meets with other coordinators and writers to discuss content of newsletter and develop ideas for articles.
2. Obtains articles and images from coordinators, writers, and members.
3. Edits articles for relevance, content, length and spelling.
4. Attends to all advertising pertaining to the Newsletter and collects all monies owed from advertisers prior to publishing.
5. Establishes advertising rates each Guild year, in concert with the Executive.
6. Organizes articles into newsletter template.
7. Prepares drafts for proof-reading and approval, before publishing.
8. Completes approved Newsletter within timeline.
9. Emails Newsletter for Guild distribution and posting on the website.
10. Provides a record of accounting to the Executive.



1st Retreat 2004
Committee should consist of a minimum of two members.
1. The Guild Retreat is an event usually held in the fall and attended by Guild members.
2. Plans and organizes the weekend retreat for a minimum of 30 Guild members. This number will depend upon the location and discretion of the retreat planning committee.
3. Collects all registration fees.
4. Plans the accommodation, food and program for all attendees.
5. Organizes one or more classes with instructors/volunteers as desired.
6. Purchases all prizes, gifts, and miscellaneous expenses according to income.
7. Provides the final record of accounting to be given to the Executive supported by receipts for expenditures.
8. Retreat will be self-sufficient.
9. Any cash surplus will be returned to general revenue.
10. Chairperson keeps a “wait list”, registered retreat attendees may sell their spot but can not receive a refund.
11. Focus retreats can be organized with approval by the executive. They must adhere to the Guild Policies.



1st Quilt Show 2004
Purpose: The Quilt Show is an opportunity to showcase to the public the diversity of the quilting arts. This event is the key fundraiser for our Guild, and it promotes our involvement in the community. The Committee comprises of a sufficient number of members to accomplish all tasks, and to recruit additional members as required. The Committee shall be struck in the month following the previous Quilt Show.

1. Oversees the Quilt Show
a) Ensures the venue is booked for the Quilt Show.
b) Organizes and chairs meetings of the Show Committee.
c) Ensures that the key positions are filled on the Show Committee: secretary, treasurer, quilt registration, quilt hanging, tea room, guild boutique, vendors, security, publicity, volunteers, raffle quilt ticket sales/venues.
d) Liaises with the Show committee members to make certain all is proceeding smoothly.
e) Submits applications for grants being sought to supplement the Quilt Show budget in a timely manner.
f) Requests the CQA (Canadian Quilters' Association) Best of Show ribbon.
g) Attends all Chapter and Executive meetings to promote our Quilt Show, and answers question from the members.
h) Acts as the Quilt Show ambassador and promotes our show.
i) Presents progress reports regularly and the final report and Income Statement to the Executive and membership
j) Ensures that the Raffle Quilt winning number and name is publicly announced.



Committee should consist of a minimum of three members.
1st Raffle Quilt 2004
1. Oversees the design and making of the Raffle Quilt in the year prior to the Quilt Show.
2. Keeps a record of all costs involved, both financial and labor.
3. Design should involve the Guild members in the making of the blocks.
4. Applies for the raffle ticket license at least eight months before the draw date, including a photograph of the top of the quilt.
5. Ensures that the raffle ticket license # is provided to the member arranging for the printing of the raffle tickets.
6. Reveals the completed quilt to the Guild prior to ticket sales.


ROOM CO-ORDINATOR (Chapter) (2012-04-03):

1. Designs and co-ordinates a layout of tables and sundry equipment to fit the available space and the needs of each Chapter meeting.
2. Liaises with the facility management as required.
3. Sets up the Audio/Visual equipment and ensures that it is operational.
4. Hangs the Guild banner.
5. Meets, accommodates, and introduces delegates from other guilds, when appropriate.
6. Is responsible for changing/setting lighting modes required for Chapter meetings.
7. Provides reserved table space for new members/guests and greeters.

GUEST GREETER (Chapter) (2012-04-03):

1. Greets new members and guests.
2. Introduces them to guild activities and the guild mandate.
3. Answers questions.
4. Encourages membership and participation.


PHONE CO-ORDINATOR (2012-04-03):

1. Contacts all members without email, a few days in advance of the Chapter meeting with reminders about upcoming meetings and items they should bring to the meeting.

EMAIL CO-ORDINATOR (2012-04-03):

1. Maintains an up-to-date contact list in co-ordination with the membership chair.
2. Maintains committee contact lists.
3. Receives Guild related emails.
4. Reviews and determines the relevance of each email to Guild activities.
5. Redistributes approved emails to the appropriate list.



Committee should consist of a minimum of three people representing both Chapters from which a coordinator is selected.
The coordinators duties;
1. Plans, co-ordinates, and oversees the social events of the Guild as determined by the Executive.
2. Ensures that advance reservations of facilities are made.
3. Ensures that admission tickets are obtained and distributed.
4. Publicizes the event well in advance through Guild meetings, email, newsletter and website.
5. Keeps the Executive informed on the status of the event.
6. Meets with volunteers for planning and provides direction as needed.
7. Attends to all payments related to events.
8. Monitors committee finances, maintaining expenses within the budgetary allowance.
9. Maintains a record of events through the use of photos, critiques and comment sheets and forwards same to newsletter and website as appropriate.