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Congratulations to our winners ...

2014 The Threads That Bind Us Quilt Show

Quilt Show Chair - Rita Raun

Viewer's Choice

Viewer's Choice
Jacobean Rhapsody - Freda Reisdorf
Quilting by Debra Sanderson

Viewer's Choice - Runner Up 1

Eileen- RunnerUp1
Family Tree - Eileen Findlay.

Viewer's Choice - Runner Up 2

Janie - Runner Up 2
Peacock Affair - Janie Schulz.

"Who Knew" Challenge - by members of LQG.

Best Use of Upcycled Materials
Best Use Of Recycled Materials
Rear Office - Rita Raun
Viewers Choice
Viewers Choice
A Tree Stands Alone - Carol MacNamara

2014 Raffle Quilt - Roses in the Garden

raffle quilt

2012 The Threads That Bind Us Quilt Show

Quilt Show Chair - Connie Blundy

Viewer's Choice and Best Bed Quilt

"My Tomorrow" - Maria D.

Favourite Wall Hanging

"Majestic Serenity Circle Bargello" - Doe G.

Best Art Quilt

"Invited to Dinner" - Yvonne J.

"Black & White & Crayon All Over"
Quilt Show Challenge Winners

Eileen F.
Viewers Choice
Best Use of Colour
Sunny T.
Most Creative & Original
Nadine N.
2nd place in All 3 Categories

2012 Raffle Quilt - Patchwork Puzzle

raffle quilt

2010 The Threads That Bind Us Quilt Show

Quilt Show Chair - Lana Kettley

2010 Viewers's Choice Awards

winning quilt
Maria daSilva
2nd place winner
Diana Polglase
3rd place winner
Janie Schulz

2010 Challenge Quilt Awards

winning quilt
Eileen Findlay
2nd place winner
Carol MacNamara
3rd place winner
Karen Berry

2010 Raffle Quilt

raffle quilt

2008 Quilts in Bloom Quilt Show

Quilt Show Chair - Carrie Magee

Quilt Show Winners

Lana Kettley - Viewers' Choice Award
Challenge Winner-Eileen
Eileen Findlay - Challenge Quilt Award

2008 Raffle Quilt

Raffle Quilt

2006 Quilting Between Friends Quilt Show

Quilt Show Chair - Nancy Walker


quilt show winner
Janie S. - Members' Choice and Viewers' Choice Award
challenge quilt winner
Carol H. - Challenge Quilt

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make our 2nd annual Quilt Show a success.

2006 Raffle Quilt

- click for a larger view

raffle quilt

2004 Langley Quilters' Guild 1st Quilt Show

Quilt Show Chair - Sylvia Owens

Our first quilt show was an overwhelming success. Thank you to all the volunteers and those attending!

Winner of Viewer's Choice Award

winning quilt
Joan W. - Viewer's Choice Award
2nd place winner
Arnette F. - Runner Up
3rd place winner
Janie S. - Runner Up

2004 Raffle Quilt

- click for a larger view

2004 Raffle quilt
won by Elenora C. - LQG Member

Our quilt shows have been generously supported by the Township of Langley and the City of Langley.