(elected annually)

Your Executive - July 2017 to June 2018

POSITION NAME DUTIES (click for description)
PRESIDENT:              (day) Lorraine Skelton President Description
VICE PRESIDENT:       (eve) Nuala Adderley Vice President Description
TREASURER - EXEC.:   (day) Lynne Johnson Treasurer Description
TREASURER               (eve) Torrianne Altilia Treasurer Description
SECRETARY - EXEC.:   (day) Monika Mohr Secretary Description
SECRETARY:              (eve) Joanne Wood Secretary Description
PAST PRES.:              (eve) Melanie Dyke Past President Description


Our Past Presidents

Melanie Dyke 2016-2017
Lana Kettley 2014-2016
Joanne Wood 2013-2014
Carol MacNamara 2012-2013
Glenda Penner 2011-2012
Linda Arksey 2010-2011
Debra Sanderson 2009-2010
Rita Raun 2008-2009
Louise McTague 2007-2008
Sunny Theroux 2006-2007
Jean Jones 2005-2006
Joy Anthony 2004-2005
Karen Johnson 2003-2004





The following are the Guild's Executive positions and their related duties.



1. Chairs the Chapter meeting (day or evening, whichever she/he was elected to.
2. Convenes and chairs the executive meeting.
3. Prepares the agenda for the general meeting and all executive meetings, co-ordinating with the Vice-President to facilitate the flow of information.
4. Convenes and chairs the AGM and ensures that adequate notice is given to members.
5. Ensures Guild budget is formulated, accepted and implemented.
6. Maintains the general management of the Guild in a responsible manner.
7. a) Keeps a copy of all Guild keys and maintains a current data base of key holders.
    b) Ensures the mail is collected minimally twice per month.
8. Ensures that the papers necessary for the Guild to maintain its non-profit status are filed with the regulatory government office in Victoria, B.C. within 30 days of the AGM.
9. Has signing authority for cheques and legal documents.
10. Writes message for each newsletter published.
11. Represents the Guild at functions but can appoint another Guild member in her/his stead.
12. Maintains the continuity of the Guild.
13. Contracts space for guild meetings.
14. Ensures regular receipt of reports from all committees.



1. Chairs the Guild Chapter meeting opposite to the President.
2. Assists the President in the general management of the Guild in a responsible manner.
3. Informs the President of activities, concerns and projects.
4. Ascends to the Presidency in the second year of her/his term.
5. Has signing authority for cheques and legal documents.
6. Attends functions that the President is unable to attend.
7. Applies for gaming license for the 50/50 annually.



One of the elected Treasurers will assume the responsibilities of the financial records, to include books of account, and render financial statement to the Executive members and others when required.
1. Monitors and deals with Guild finances.
2. Receives monies paid to the Chapter and oversees deposits, collections and disbursements of monies in a timely manner.
3. Produces a report for each Chapter meeting and the Executive meeting.
4. Has signing authority and issues cheques to pay Chapter liabilities supported by invoice or receipt.
5. Composes with a committee a proposed budget for presentation to the Executive in May, and distributed to the full membership in May prior to voting at the June Chapter meetings.
6. Keeps the accounts in such a way that they may be produced when requested.
7. Provides the financial books for an annual internal review



One of the elected Secretaries will assume the responsibilities of correspondence, notices, minutes of Executive meetings, archiving of minutes and custody of records and documents of the Guild.
1. Keeps the minutes of the Chapter meetings and distributes in PDF format within 7 days to the members.
2. a) Receives mail and reads to members as appropriate.
    b) Composes correspondence of the Chapter when required.
3. Has signing authority for cheques and legal documents.
4. Maintains an updated version of the Constitution and Bylaws and Policies and Procedures and ensures that copies are available for the members.
5. Ensures that the minutes of the current year’s meetings are available at Chapter meetings in hard copy.
6. Keeps minutes of the Executive meetings and distributes copies of said minutes within seven days to the Executive.
7. Compiles a digital archive of Chapter and Executive meetings minutes at the end of the current year.



1. Advises the current President on all matters concerning running of the Guild.
2. Forms and chairs the nominating committee for elections. Committee should consist of no less than 3 members.