Month Day Group
  Theme Colour
April It's A Bug's Life Colours or Prints of Butterflies, Bees, Bugs, etc.
May Canadian Flowers Roses, Wildflowers
June Canadian Skies Blue and White

Month Evening Group
  Theme Colour
April Spring Cleaning Surprise Us ... Anything Goes!!
May May Flowers Purple and Pink
June Garden Party Gray and Turquoise


What is a Fat Quarter Draw?

Bring a pre-washed Fat Quarter to the guild meeting
for every Fat Quarter you put in the draw you will have your name entered into the draw e.g. 2 Fat Quarters = 2 entries
at a specified time during the meeting we will draw a name for the winner of all the Fat Quarters
remember don't put in the Fat Quarter draw what you yourself would not want to receive!
a theme for the Fat Quarter draw could be decided on at the current meeting

What is a Fat Quarter?

rectangular piece of fabric that measures a minimum of 18"x 21"
the"fat quarter" cut is based on fabric sold by the yard which is a half yard cut length from the bolt then cut on the fold which gives you 2 fat quarters
since Canada sells in meters most quilt stores will cut a .5m length from the bolt then cut on the fold
this would make a "fat quarter" a minimum of 19 " x 21"
this now makes a large fat quarter of fabric versus the standard skinny quarter cut of fabric which is a minimum cut of 9 "across the width
the "fat" quarter cut offers more cutting options than the "skinny" quarter cut

a Fat Quarter will give you a minimum of:
90 - 2"squares
42 - 3" squares
20 - 4" squares
12 - 5" squares
   9 - 6" squares