Nora Fursevich Flag Quilt
Canadiana Quilt by Nora Fursevich

Join in the challenge of creating a small fibre quilt that pays homage to Canada's great artists like The Group of Seven and Emily Carr.

These artists were the masters of Canadian landscapes They were so iconic in their style, their colours and themes - so Canadian. They were pioneers in Canadian art.

So as we celebrate our 150th birthday wouldn't be great to have an exhibition paying tribute to their art and Canada by replicating or interpreting their works of art with fibre?

Only a few rules to this challenge. Your fibre art quilt must measure approximately 18" x 24" and must consist of three layers: top, batting and backing.

Method of construction, quilting or embellishment is up to the creativity of the quilter/artist.

A photo of the art that inspired you must be attached.

Challenge to be completed by May 2017

Have a look at The Group of Seven, The Art History Archive - Canadian Art website for inspiration for your project



To celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, CQA wants you to be a part of Canada's biggest Quilt Bee.

The Big Quilt Bee will be held June 14-17, 2017 at Quilt Canada 2017 in Toronto. The goal is to make and donate 1,000 quilts for kids at Ronald MacDonald Houses across Canada. CQA needs lots of quilt tops and 12 1/2" slab blocks incorporating at least one piece of special Canada fabric.

More information about the fabric and block construction instructions are available on the CQA website