Nora F.

A Slice of Langley- The Journey of a Slice Quilt

Nora - project leader.

Slice of Langley

Eight enthusiastic members of the Langley Quilters Guild created this quilt inspired by member Karen Johnson's photograph of her"Cinderella" quilt draped over the fence of a much photographed farm located in Langley at the corner of Telegraph Trail and Glover Road.

In the Fall of 2013, they made the decision to enlarge the photo and divide or "slice" it vertically into eight sections. Each quilter took a section (or slice) and re-invented the slice by using their own techniques and fabric. Completed in Spring 2014, the eight panels are hung side by side to recreate the entire photograph in an unusual and unique way.

The eight quilt artists are: Barbara Bettles, Penny Chan-Kent, Barbara Connolly, Nora Fursevich, Carol Hamilton, Pat Hopkins, Lana Kettley, and Deb Plett.

This quilt was first on display, at the Langley Quilters' biennial Quilt Show "The Threads that Bind Us" on Friday May 9th and Saturday May 10th at the George Preston Recreation Centre 20699 42nd Ave., Langley. Over 275 quilts were aso on display, from traditional to art quilts, Gift Shop, Tea Room, Merchant Mall, Quilt Raffle, Quilt Challenge and a Feature exhibit from The Fibre Art Network (FAN) called Fibrescapes.

Brandy Lynn Maslowski has interviewed and created a very interesting podcast with Nora about the creation of the Slice of Langley quilt. You can check it out on her website -