Leslie M.

A Quilter Wannabee

           My husband (Bill) has always tried to get me to do quilting years ago, but I never thought that I had neither the patience nor the time to do it; my plate was full.We have four children that were in all the sports one could think of and we both worked full time. It wasn’t till many years later that I thought I should give quilting a try, the kids have moved out and our children have children now; and they are all busy with their families.

So away I went, to Wally World, picked up a pattern and some material, something easy and cheap, in case I did not like this idea of cutting material into small pieces and sewing them all back together, one just never knows!Well, that was four years ago now, and I love to quilt, especially for all our grandchildren. Now we have a new grandson, I can start quilting for him. The quilters I have met, and yet to meet are all wonderful ladies, I have learned a lot from them, I am so lucky.

       Bill has taken me on many trips all over Alberta U.S.A. , and B.C. for quilting material, and will shop with me and help pick out the colors for a quilt; he comes up with some very good ideas on what the quilt should be. We will go to a fabric store, and we walk around and then he will see something that will give him an idea, the next thing you know we are buying meters of material, and we have a quilt on the go. Together we have made some awesome quilts and have a lot of fun. Now I spend as much time as I can quilting and I have made lots for my family and friends.

SHOP HOP 2004 QUILT TABLE TOP,2006 Quilts YELLOW BRICK ROAD LAP QUILT Aiden's Cozy Quilt Aiden's Twin Bed Quilt Bargello and Irish Chain Brown Back Alley-Bill's Quilt MYSTERY QUILT POSIES-Reese's Quilt HAWAIIAN QUILT Holloween Sudoku Quilt